A complete list of presentations is in the CV. Some recent presentations include:

Livingood, Patrick C.
2016         GIS Dataset for Making Better and More Attractive Maps of U.S. Rivers. Poster presented at the 81st Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archaeology, Orlando, FL.

Patrick Livingood, Amber Price-Butler, Matthew Merideth, and Cody Blackburn
2015         Temporary Structures in the Southeast and Plains: An Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Review. Paper presented at the 72st Annual Meeting of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference, Nashville, TN.

Regnier, Amanda L, Scott W. Hammerstedt, and Patrick C. Livingood
2014         2013 and 2014 Excavations of Spiro Lower Terrace Structures. Paper presented at the 72nd Annual Plains Anthropological Conference, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Scott W. Hammerstedt, Patrick C. Livingood, Jami J. Lockhart, Tim Mulvihill, Amanda L. Regnier, George Sabo III, and John Samuelsen
2014         Initial Archaeological and Geophysical Results of the Spiro Landscape Archaeological Project. Paper presented at the 79th Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archaeology, Austin, TX.