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Total Cases, Deaths, and Hospitalizations are updated midday sometime after the Oklahoma Department of Health releases their numbers. The other values are mostly found in the Executive Reports, which are not issued until the late afternoon or evening of weekdays.

The plots below are using data from the Oklahoma State Department of Health Covid resources. See the About page for further details.

Hospitalization Rate and Hospital Capacity

COVID-19 Cases Currently Hospitalized
Persons Under Investigation in Hospital
Persons seen in Hospital (during the 24 hr. reporting period),Self-quarantined
Hospital Beds Available
Average Days of Personal Protective Equipment

Hospitalization Per Capita

Per Capita Currently Hospitalized
Per Capita Currently Hospitalized in ICU

New Cases and Deaths

Newly Reported Cases
Newly Reported Deaths
Per Capita Newly Reported Cases
Per Capita Newly Reported Deaths

Ages of New Cases, Deaths, and Hospital Patients

New Cases By Age
New Deaths By Age
Average Age of People Seen in Hospitals


The Oklahoma Department of Health reports number of Covid-19 tests and the number of positive Covid-19 tests. They state that tests do not reflect unique individuals. Presumably some individuals have been tested multiple times and some tests repeated because of issues with false-positives and false-negatives. The reports present cumulative number of tests and positives at the time of the report. The plots below show the new counts since the last report, starting May 8. This sets aside the 89,859 tests and 4779 positives which were done prior to May 7, for which there is no information on when they were performed.

New Tests and Positive Specimens
Percentage of Positive New Specimens
Per Capita New Tests

Per Capita Cumulative Reports

Per Capita Cumulative Positive Cases
Per Capita Cumulative Hospitalized
Per Capita Cumulative Deaths