2020 OU Archaeological Field School

April 2, 2020 Update: Today the OU President declared all OU classes this summer will be online-only in response to the coronavirus threat. In order to comply with this directive and to minimize the health risks, the 2020 OU Field School to Spiro has been canceled. We will hopefully be back to Spiro soon in a future summer, and any listings for a new field school to Spiro will be posted here.

The 2020 OU Archaeological Field School will be conducted in Eastern Oklahoma at Spiro*.  The project will teach students how to conduct archaeological excavations and to analyze the artifacts and students will earn 8 credit hours. This work is part of an effort to learn more about life at Spiro.

(* As of Feb 27, 2020 the Corps of Engineers has approved the ARPA permit for work at Spiro, and process included consultation with the Caddo and Wichita nations.)

Craig Mound at Spiro
Craig Mound at Spiro

Classes: ANTH 3930 (5 credit hours) and ANTH 3933 (3 credit hours).

Dates: May 11 to June 12 for the field portion of the class in eastern Oklahoma and June 15 to July 3 for the lab portion of the class in Norman.

Prerequisite: Instructor permission and must be 18 years of age or older by May 11, 2020 (as a requirement of the dorms we are staying in).  The Word version of this form can be downloaded using this link.

Eligibility: This class is open to any undergraduate students that are 18 years or older as of May 11, 2020.  In case we receive more applications than there are spots, preferences will be given to OU students and to students who will enroll in both parts.

Cost: There are two main costs for this program.

OU Tuition and Fees. Cost for tuition and fees for OU students will vary between depending on the student. See this site on Summer Enrollment for more information on cost.  OU’s flat rate tuition policy means that OU students that have not enrolled in 30 credit hours during the fall and spring will be discounted the tuition and some fees for up to 6 credit hours during the summer. Please work with the instructor and the bursar to calculate your exact expense.

Room and Board. All students will be required to pay a room and board fee of $250. (This amount may change as we know final enrollment.). 

Students excavating at Spiro near Craig Mound
Students excavating at Spiro near Craig Mound

Skills: Students will learn to excavate archaeological sites and to recognize and interpret archaeological features.  Students will also learn to analyze and record artifacts.  Students will also learn to interpret the archaeology and the artifacts and to write-up the results.

Work schedule: Field work will take place Monday through Friday during the field portion of the project.  Students will be free during the weekends.  During the lab portion, class will take place 8-5 daily, Monday through Friday.

Lodging and Food: We will be staying at dorms at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith during the field school portion of the project. During this time, Room and Board fee will pay for dinners Monday through Thursday. Students will provide their own breakfasts and lunches and other meals. Students will be responsible for their own housing during the lab portion.

Instructors: The class has three instructors: Patrick Livingood, Scott Hammerstedt, and Amanda Regnier.

Questions? Please direct any questions to Patrick Livingood at patrickl@ou.edu.